Disney Dreamlight Valley Gift Of Giving Event: Free Gifts, New Fish, And More

Disney Dreamlight Valley has been a bit festive for about two weeks thanks to its winter update, which brought a variety of new holiday-themed recipes to craft and items to unlock in the Festive Star Path. But it’s time to kick things into full gear with the Gift of Giving Event, which runs from December 18 to December 31.

This exciting time in the valley promises plenty of gifts to unlock and a fresh set of holiday Dreamlight tasks to knock out. Read on for everything you need to know about the Gift of Giving event.

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The Castle Christmas tree

During the event, you can visit the castle to find a Christmas tree has appeared, and you’ll have gifts to unwrap beginning on December 25. Don’t worry, though–if you don’t play on Christmas day, you can always come by any day through December 31 to snag them. What you can expect to get out of each of your gifts is listed below.

  • One gift with Festive Snowflake Ears
  • One gift with craftable holiday furniture
  • One gift with crafting materials
  • Two gifts with holiday meals
All is merry and bright!


Festive quests

Festive quests have been available since the December 6 update as Dreamlight tasks, but a few of them have been unable to be completed due to the items needed not being in the game yet. That’s all changed with the Gift of Giving event, as you can now wrap up two previously unavailable tasks–“Even Fish Are Festive!” and “Ho! Ho! Ho!” These holiday tasks can be found in your Village Dreamlight task tab, and we’ve got a guide for how to complete all five of them–but keep reading below, as we’ll give you the rundown on more new additions.

Festive fish and fishing ripples

Those little hats are cute, and you know it.
Those little hats are cute, and you know it.

The “Even Fish Are Festive!” Dreamlight task can now be completed, and it requires you to fish up some adorable holiday fish that are wearing Santa hats on their heads. No, really, it’s extremely cute. Just look at the picture. Do you see that? Anyways, these unique fish can only be fished up from red and green ripples found in biomes across your valley, and you’ll need to visit different areas based on which fish you’re trying to hook. Their locations are below.

  • Festive Anglerfish – Forgotten Lands
  • Festive Bass – Peaceful Meadow
  • Festive Fugu – Dazzle Beach
  • Festive Salmon – Sunlit Plateau
  • Festive Squid – Glade of Trust

Wrapping paper and gift-giving

The “Ho! Ho! Ho!” Dreamlight task can also now be wrapped up (pun completely intended). If you visit Scrooge’s shop during the event, you’ll find that festive wrapping paper spawns throughout the building. This is actually a crafting material that you can use to help you craft gifts for giving your pals in the valley. There are four total crafting recipes you can complete using wrapping paper, and we’ve listed them below.

  • Handcrafted Gift – Festive Chair, Wrapping Paper
  • Delicious Gift – Gingerbread Cookies, Wrapping Paper
  • Shiny Gift – Shiny Ruby, Shiny Emerald, Wrapping Paper
  • Naughty Gift – Coal, Wrapping Paper

Of course, holiday festivities aren’t the only thing new to Disney Dreamlight Valley–there’s also a mischievous alien causing some problems around the valley. If you want to add him to your group of friends, check out how to unlock Stitch.

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