Destiny 2 Dawning Recipes (2022): Gifts, Rewards, And Changes

Destiny 2 is bringing The Dawning festivities back once more, allowing you to bake all sorts of cookies for both old and new faces. The event runs until the weekly reset on Tuesday, January 3, and there are a few tweaks to keep in mind compared to previous editions — including the addition of Event Cards introduced this year, as well as new recipes like Lucent Crunch and Candy Dead Ghosts.

As per usual, you can kickstart the event in the Tower by talking to Eva Levante in the center of the hub. She’s going to give you access to Eva’s Holiday Oven, and task you with baking a cookie for Zavala. Once that’s a wrap, you’ll be able to repeat the action with both him and a couple dozen characters across the system.

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Recipes don’t need to be all discovered this time around, but it’s once again recommended that you focus on getting the Masterworked Holiday Oven as soon as possible. For this, go ahead and craft Lucent Crunch, for which we have the recipe below.

You’ll also need another ingredient called Essence of Dawning, which you’ll also earn from completing activities throughout the game. Another reliable but limited source for it is the weekly bounties that Eva offers. You can see how to specifically gather up ingredients like Ether Cane, Delicious Explosion, and more below.

Where And How To Get Dawning Ingredients in Destiny 2

Rare Ingredients

  • Delicious Explosion: Explosive kills
  • Sharp Flavor: Sword kills
  • Impossible Heat: Solar kills
  • Electric Flavor: Arc kills
  • Flash of Inspiration: Generate Orbs of Light
  • Finishing Touch: Finisher kills
  • Balanced Flavors: Bow kills, as well as sniper, scout, and pulse rifle skills
  • Multifaceted Flavors: Rapidly defeat enemies
  • Null Taste: Void kills
  • Dark Frosting: Stasis kills
  • Personal Touch: Melee kills
  • Superb Texture: Super ability kills
  • Perfect Taste: Precision kills
  • Bullet Spray: SMG and Machine Gun kills
  • Essence of Dawning: Complete activities in the solar system

Uncommon Ingredients

  • Ether Cane: Fallen kills
  • Cabal Oil: Cabal kills
  • Vex Milk: Vex kills
  • Chitin Powder: Hive kills
  • Taken Butter: Taken kills
  • Dark Ether Cane: Scorn kills

Most of the recipes remain untouched from last year, but there are a few new ones as well, including those that will have you delivering the freshly-baked goodies to Spider in the Eliksni Quarter, as well as Fynch in Savathun’s throne world, to characters like Shaw Han in the Cosmodrome, and Variks on Europa. Below is the full list including Candy Dead Ghosts and Lucent Crunch recipes.

Gift Recipe Deliver To
Gjallardoodles 1x Ether Cane, 1x Delicious Explosion, 15x Essence of Dawning Zavala
Traveler Donut Holes 1x Cabal Oil, 1x Flash of Inspiration, 15x Essence of Dawning Ikora Rey
Chocolate Ship Cookies 1x Cabal Oil, 1x Null Taste, 15x Essence of Dawning Amanda Holiday
Telemetry Tapioca 1x Vex Milk, 1x Bullet Spray, 15x Essence of Dawning Banshee-44
Eliksni Birdseed 1x Ether Cane, 1x Personal Touch, 15x Essence of Dawning Hawthorne
Gentleman’s Shortbread 1x Ether Cane, 1x Perfect Taste, 15x Essence of Dawning Devrim Kay
Infinite Forest Cake 1x Vex Milk, 1x Impossible Heat, 15x Essence of Dawning Failsafe
Vanilla Blades 1x Cabal Oil, 1x Sharp Flavor, 15x Essence of Dawning Lord Shaxx
Dark Chocolate Motes 1x Taken Butter, 1x Null Taste, x15 Essence of Dawning Drifter
Candy Dead Ghosts 1x Dark Ether Cane, 1x Flash of Inspiration, x15 Essence of Dawning Spider
Ill-Fortune Cookies 1x Dark Ether Cane, 1x Impossible Heat, 15x Essence of Dawning Petra Venj
Strange Cookies 1x Taken Butter, 1x Electric Flavor, 1x Essence of Dawning Xur
Lavender Ribbon Cookies 1x Vex Milk, 1x Personal Touch, 15x Essence of Dawning Saint-14
Hot Crossfire Buns 1x Ether Cane, 1x Balanced Flavors, 1x Essence of Dawning Ada-1
Ascendant Oatmeal Raisin Cookies 1x Chitin Powder, 1x Finishing Touch, 1x Essence of Dawning Eris Morn
Etheric Coldsnaps 1x Chitin Powder, 1x Electric Flavor, 15x Essence of Dawning Variks
Blueberry Crumblers 1x Ether Cane, 1x Bullet Spray, 15x Essence of Dawning Shaw
Bittersweet Biscotti 1x Dark Ether Cane, 1x Balanced Flavors, 15x Essence of Dawning Crow
Bright-Dusted Snowballs 1x Chitin Powder, 1x Multifaceted Flavor, 15x Essence of Dawning Tess
Classic Butter Cookies 1x Taken Butter, 1x Superb Texture, 15x Essence of Dawning Eva
Starwort Thins

1x Dark Ether Cane, 1x Dark Frosting, 15x Essence of Dawning

Exo Stranger
Lucent Crunch 1x Chitin Powder, 1x Perfect Taste, 15x Essence of Dawning Fynch

Destiny 2 The Dawning 2022 Rewards

As part of The Dawning 2022 rewards, you can earn all sorts of shaders and gifts with materials, as well as the Thundersnow, Snowmelt, Zephyr, and Glacioclasm, the latter which players of previous editions are already familiar with. The Dawn Chimes Shell is a noteworthy new look for your Ghost, too, obtained after baking 50 cookies.

There are additional rewards if you upgrade your Dawning 2022 event card, but it will cost you 1,000 Silver.

There are more rewards for completing the Cookie Delivery Helper seasonal quest as well, but as a particular mention to the 2022 edition, upgrading your event card will grant you a Ghost Shell, emotes, a transmat effect, and more. The later isn’t free, however, and it’ll cost you 1,000 Silver, so up to you if you’re interested in the rewards or not.

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