Denuvo Claims Its DRM Does Not Hinder Gaming Performance

Denuvo is claiming that its Digital Rights Management (DRM) software does not have any performance impact in games that utilize it, according to a report by Ars Technica. Steeve Huin, the COO of video games for Irdeto, which owns Denuvo, told Ars that it is well aware of its reputation in the gaming world, but assures gamers that development time is taken to ensure game performance is not impacted in titles that support its DRM.

Denuvo is a very popular DRM among publishers, with a huge amount of success in recent years preventing pirates and gamers from tampering with supported titles. However, that hasn’t stopped the gaming community from hating on it. Denuvo has garnered an incredibly bad reputation in the gaming community for handicapping gaming performance and breaking mods.

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