Dell’s Concept Luna Is a Snap-Together Laptop With No Screws, Few Wires

Last year, Dell showed off its vision of more repairable computers with recyclable parts, called Concept Luna. This year, Dell has brought the concept back, and has made it far easier to take apart. Oh, and it lets robots to do the repairs.

The new concept is more ambitious thanlast year’s. The prvious system was also fanless, while this one is actively cooled. To my eyes, the steel and plastic chassis looks very similar to (though not identical to) a Dell XPS 13 Plus, but Dell’s engineers wouldn’t say anything about that.

Where there were previously four screws to remove, the new design opens by inserting a pin (it seems as if a SIM card removal tool or paper clip will also work) in the Noble lock slot, which lets you remove a “keystone” piece above the keyboard. Removing that part unlocks the keyboard, which you can then take off without any ribbon cables — it connects to the system via pins. In fact, there are almost no cables at all, including for the battery, fan, and motherboard, which all come out in succession. Similarly, the display comes out by using a pin, which lets you detach the display’s ribbon cable. (Note there’s a big piece of empty space in the chassis, which you can see in some of the photos. Perhaps this is where a discrete GPU or larger battery could go down the line?)

(Image credit: Dell)

Dell’s engineers and representatives wouldn’t tell me what components the system was running on, though it did turn on and boot into Windows – a somewhat surprising feat given I saw it go from laptop to a pile of parts and back to a laptop again within a couple minutes. However, we do know that it’s an x86 system; when I asked if it ran Arm, I got an unequivocal denial.

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