Connected X Lens System

No doubt there are plenty of mobile phones which has best cameras including Samsung and iPhone’s camera the best camera but adding a smartphone lenses can change your experience of photo shoot there is new lens in the market now that is Connected X Lens System.

Olloclip’s Connected X Lens System fit over your smartphone’s lens this can expand the types of photos you shoot or videos you capture. These iPhone kits include lenses that let you get close-up details (macro), some that capture a 180-degree field of view (fisheye) and some that deliver expansive landscapes or scenes (wide-angle). There are even some telephoto lenses. The best investment you can make is a kit that provides the flexibility of multiple lenses along with strong image quality.

Olloclip’s is highly-reviewed brand is taking the smartphones stunning photo capabilities to a whole new level thanks to its Connected X Lens System, which includes a new mount, tweaked cameras, and pairs well with Apple’s facial recognition capabilities. All in all, it pretty much embodies “new.”

If you want to buy affordable lenses, Olloclip’s Lens Kits are the best choice. There are multiple systems to choose from including the standard three lens Core Set, the Active Set which includes an ultra-wide angle and 2x telephoto lenses or the Macro Pro Lens Set which features lenses with 7x, 14x and 21x magnification.

Brief about Lens: The basic job of the camera lens is to gather and focus the light reflected from a scene or subject. As the reflected light rays enter the camera lens and pass through the elements, they are directed to the camera’s image sensor.

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