Big Screen iPhone

Big Screen iPhone

You guys really have been fed up with small screen of iPhone, your wait is over now.  TF International Securities sources revealed Apple will launch Big Screen iPhone (6.1-inch) soon.

Apple will introduce its 6.1-inch iPhone White, Gold, Gray, Orange and Blue colors, apple can also introduce red variant of 6.1-inch iPhone. The 6.1-inch iPhone X smartphone could release at the price of around $700.

It’s not over according to TF International Securities’ Mr. Kuo told 6.5-inch iPhone is at the price of iPhone X $1000. The 6.5-inch phone is in black, white and a (new!) gold.

This iPhone will be slightly thicker than the iPhone X, but smaller in every dimensions than the iPhone X Plus. The dual-lens rear camera on the current-generation model is expected to also be used on the new 6.5-inch OLED iPhones, but the 6.1-inch iPhone will have a single-lens rear camera.

Apple’s new 6.1-inch big screen iPhone model is expected to be unveiled in early to mid-September. Alongside the two new OLED iPhone models, and all three new phones should be released a week or two later.

So after the release of these 6.1-inch big screen iPhone you will be definitely  fascinated with its bigger size, sleek design and eye-catching colors.


It is said that the users of Apple iPhone has kept their eyes open to receive this spectacular size of 6.5-in and 6.1 in their hands, once it’s launched it’s users will decide its fate.

Most bloggers have written in their blogs that these 6.5-in and 6.1 will be another hit by Apple to grab more users who have been fed up with old styled small screens with round button at the bottom and white space on the top.

What do you think of the 6.5–in and 6.1-inch LCD iPhone? Were you really waiting for it, is it phone you will really plan to purchase? I would love to know your comments guys.


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