Best Hard Drives 2023: Top HDDs for Desktop PCs, NAS, and More

Mechanical hard drives might seem like ancient technology, but there are still many places where they provide ‘good enough’ performance, and they easily offer the most amount of storage for the price. You do not always need the fast random access that the best SSDs are designed to provide, and an HDD’s sequential performance is plenty for streaming and other tasks. There are still a lot of hard drives to choose from, so we’ve tested multiple drives in our labs to help make sure you pick the right one for your needs.

While the best SSDs will give you the best experience for your operating system and boot drive, and also offer much better application and game loading times than HDDs, they are still significantly more expensive per terabyte of storage space. However, NVMe SSDs also have a practical capacity limit per device, and motherboards have limited M.2 slots. Meanwhile, HDDs are already planned to hit 30TB and beyond and work with legacy SATA ports.

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