Ayaneo Air 1S Ultra Claimed to Be Thinnest and Lightest AMD Phoenix Handheld Yet

Handheld gaming PC specialist Ayaneo has launched what might be some of the thinnest and lightest AMD Phoenix handhelds yet. The new Ayaneo Air 1S packs in some impressive and attractive sounding specs, but only measures 21.6 mm (0.9 inches) thick and 450 g (0.99 pounds) in weight. Additionally, the headlining Ayaneo Air 1S Ultra is a limited edition which is even thinner and lighter at 18 mm (0.7 inches) and 405 g (0.89 pounds). Yes, these specs sound eminently portable, perhaps even pocketable, but the screens offer sub-smartphone dimensions in 2023, at only 5.5 inches.

(Image credit: Ayaneo)

Ayaneo launched the new Air 1S models via Indiegogo, and also shared product and pre-order pages so we have a decent selection of specs to ponder over, as well as pricing, and see that pre-orders will be open from July 11.

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