Asus Launches 34-inch TUF Gaming VG34VQL3A 180Hz WQHD Monitor

Asus is launching a new monitor within its popular TUG Gaming range of products, and it looks to pack quite a punch for enthusiasts. The TUF Gaming VG34VQL3A features a 34-inch VA panel with a 3440 x 1440 (WQHD) resolution. And as is often the case with these widescreen monitors, the VG34VQL3A boasts a curved panel, specifically 1500R.

Other features include a 1ms GtG response time, a brightness rating of 400 nits (available in SDR or HDR mode), and Asus claims 125 percent coverage of the sRGB color gamut. The refresh rate maxes out at 180Hz, a healthy boost over standard 165Hz panels. However, we’re beginning to see more gaming monitors in the 34-inch WQHD space with 240Hz refresh rates.

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