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Apple has made “drastic cuts” to Vision Pro headset production plans, according to manufacturing-side sources talking to the Financial Times. Indications are that the scaling back of orders for the headset have not been spurred by the significant cost of the device, and thus user adoption concerns. Instead, the FT sources say that “the complexity of the headset design and difficulties in production,” have impacted hardware production targets.

Plans to release Vision Pro headsets to the public “early next year” were revealed at WWDC about a month ago. Tom’s Hardware had eyes on the show and our op-ed sparked a lot of discussion among readers, mostly about Apple’s chance of becoming a success in the AR / VR / XR segment, and its $3,499 product pricing.

Apple usually follows up product announcements quick-sharp with product availability, but the Vision Pro was different. After WWDC we were left wondering whether there was a lot of work left to do – and whether manufacturing and / or software development were holding back launch plans.

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

On the topic of pinch points affecting launch plans, the FT report points a finger pretty squarely at manufacturing. According to our reading of the report, which collects the views of a number of manufacturing insiders and external analysts, a major sticking point is likely centered on the production of the MVision Pro’s micro-OLED displays – which are said to be manufactured by Sony and TSMC. This cutting edge tech component, and several more, are so new that it is thought their production processes are prone to very bad yields.

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