Android Pie Update Available Now

Google has officially launched its next ninth major version of Android that is Android P originally Android Pie. At initial launch Android Pie update available now to download in Pixel devices. We expect for other smart phone devices will get their update by the end of this year.

Android Pie update has great features that will make smartphone even smarter to bring smile on Android lovers.

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Let’s talk about the features you’ll get when you update to Android 9 Pie, though.

Like previous Android update Oreo again one of this ninth latest update is Adaptive Battery. It efficiently detects which apps are consuming more resources and which apps you use less. It optimize the battery in background which make your smart phone’s battery last longer. Adaptive Brightness will also automatically adjust on the display depending on your current location and lighting availability.

If you have do same tasks repeatedly in a day on your smart phone. Slices is a new feature where apps can insert themselves into your searches so you can perform a task quicker.

Android Pie has new system navigation buttons.  The new navigation bar replaces the three icons (back, home, overview) that are virtually always on screen with a more adaptive system. A home button that now lets you swipe to switch between apps (instead of tapping on the overview button). You can also now swipe up on the home button and see full-screen previews of the apps you used recently, as well as the names of a few apps that Google thinks you’ll want to use. A second up-swipe and you get to the usual list of all of your installed apps.

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Another improved feature you can try now if you are on Pie already is the new Do Not Disturb tool that lets you turn off all visual interruptions.

Notifications have also been updated, with new circular icons and expanded previews for messages with smart reply options.
There’s a whole bunch of other features too in this update, including several security improvements, but we will have to look at them in detail at a later date.

Latest Android P allows you to to edit and mark screenshots after taking them, now you don’t need to use third party app or swipe between apps for editing screenshots.


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