Alleged AMD Phoenix 2 Laptop CPU Die Shots Hit the Web

Considering the buzz around AI and the reception surrounding its 7040-series Phoenix APUs, it was only a matter of time before we’d see new products from AMD leveraging the latest AI processing core. Once again, it seems that AMD elected to manufacture the highest-performing and higher Average Selling Price (ASP) products first. But AMD was bound to trickle down its Zen 4 + RDNA 3 + XDNA AI Phoenix processing package to additional, smaller chips. And if leaked photos are anything to go by, AMD’s next chip in the Phoenix line is substantially lower in performance compared to the 7040U the company announced just two months ago.

The Phoenix 2 will allegedly be a smaller chip than the original while bringing the same feature set to a lower price point. However, that lower price point can only be achieved one way without cutting into the chips’ features and design, and that’s by reducing the silicon area dedicated to processing resources. That move sees Phoenix 2 shed around 23% of its silicon area, taking the die area from 178 mm2 to just 137 mm2.

(Image credit: Golden Pig Upgrade)

Unfortunately, these cuts will likely come at a significant performance penalty. While Phoenix 1 could support up to 8 cores / 16 threads (Zen 4) and 8-12 CUs, it seems that Phoenix 2 will max out at 6 cores. An even bigger cut is expected regarding the GPU, with only 4 CUs compared to the maximum 12 available to Phoenix.

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