Alibaba Self Driving Delivery Vehicles

Alibaba Self Driving Delivery Vehicles

Alibaba has developed automated delivery robots which will drive vehicle and will deliver the ordered package to the corresponding address. Doesn’t this sounds incredible!!! Yes, you heard right, you just simply have to place order on Alibaba the rest will be done by robots.

The name of the vehicle is G Plus, the vehicle is dependent on RoboSense’s LiDAR technology. The vehicles will be run on the collaboration of two Chinese titans, Alibaba and Robosense.

Is it secure and precise?

Delivery system of this vehicle is secure and precise, once the vehicle is on its way to deliver the package the lockers of vehicles will closed and cannot be opened, the only locker can be opened to the relevant address. Suppose if you have to deliver a package on address A, the only one locker can be opened that is locked for address A.

This technology increases the security, inventory and convenience. This delivery method is faster, cheaper and more reliable than our traditional delivery method.

When these vehicles will be launched?

Alibaba has started its test with automated cars on a regular basis for open road as trial, and that its goal is to achieve a certain level which means cars can self-drive in most conditions without human intervention.

No official date announced for this but several news are hovering that it will launch in 2019.

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