AirDroid Remote Access

AirDroid Remote Access

Normally we use USB, cable, Bluetooth or memory card to transfer data from phone to PC. Forget it now, now you can use AirDroid for this. It is an Android application that can help to transfer files using Wi-Fi network. On the one hand, it’s a comprehensive software which contains the function of managing SMS on the desktop, importing & exporting multi-media files, locating the phone with GPS tracker, copying applications and much more.

It is very simple , fast and helpful app, it only requires copy paste option for files & photos from phone to PC.
AirDroid also allows you to text from your computer straightly along with the features of call notification, and phone battery alerts.
You can also login on you desktop using it QR.
You can download AirDroid from Google Play Store, CLICK HERE to download.

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