4TB WD Black SN850X Plummets in Price for Amazon Prime Day

The WD Black SN850X is one of the best high-end NVMe SSDs but this performance and generous storage doesn’t come cheap. The good news is that it is becoming cheaper! Plummeting in price from $699 to $229, the SN850X 4TB represents a great deal of high performance storage. According to Western Digital, the drive hits 7,300 MB/s on reads and 6,600 MB/s on writes. The SN850X 4TB also has great endurance, proudly sporting a rating of up to 2,400 TBW. It also enjoys a lengthy five-year warranty.

Although the SN850X doesn’t sport the PlayStation 5 badge, it’s still one of the best SSDs for the PlayStation 5 and substantially cheaper than the PS5-licensed WD Black SN850P. The only drawback with the SN850X 4TB is that it doesn’t come with a heatsink, and one is recommended for use with Sony’s PlayStation 5.

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